Free Download Children and Divorce Guide

This Children and Divorce Guide is published by Divorce Magazine. It provides a list of online divorce communities and contains 13 useful articles that provides guidance and information you must know to help you with needs as you go through your divorce. Here is a list of the articles:

Here is a list of the articles in this Financial Divorce Guide:

  • How and When to Tell Your Children
  • The Best Interest of the Child
  • What Your Child Wants Most
  • The Effects of Divorce on Children
  • 5 Ways to Keep your Kids out of Conflict during Divorce
  • Discipline and Behavior Issues in Children of Divorce
  • Common Questions Children Ask
  • “Dear Judge” – Letters from Children
  • Child-Friendly Divorce
  • How Counselling Helps Kids
  • Parenting Responsibly on Your Own
  • Parenting Pitfalls
  • Forging the Path Ahead After Divorce

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